Which investor resources would you recommend?

I started my investment journey rather late in life in 2014 but have thoroughly enjoyed the ride so far!

I began using various Motley Fool services and Investor’s Chronicle. I still use MF but find myself doing more of my own research since progressing to using Sharepad in 2019.

I have seen other services mentioned in articles (eg Stockopedia, Barcplus, PIWorld etc).

I’d be interested to know which services other than Sharepad (clearly the best on the market) that others find most useful.

I did have a look at Stockopedia but on first glance they seem to have a lot of cross over with Sharepad.

Maynard often puts up video / podcast links which I have found very useful and would find access to this type of resource (especially in the small cap arena) most useful.

I would welcome any comments / recommendations / experiences.


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Hi Snazzy,

Youtube is a great resource. I have found piworld, shares magazine, and interactive investor videos on their respective youtube channels to get interviews with company management teams. I also use Investor Meet Company UK because some company managements present there. AJ Bell also sometimes has webinar presentations, and you don’t have to join the AJ Bell platform you just have to get on their email list.

Sometimes it make make sense to look at the ADVFN share chat website to see what other investors are saying about certain companies, but it is hit or miss in terms of quality of commentary. Not sure if you are a fan of twitter, but sometimes it is helpful to follow companies on twitter just to get a sense of how they market themselves, and other investors will also tweet about different companies.


hi Anish

Thanks for your suggestions.

I hadn’t heard of Investor Meet Company UK but I’ve had a quick look at the website and it looks interesting so I’ll give that a try.

I used to use ADVN a few years back but found it the quality was mixed so gave it up.

I’m not a Twitter fan so that’s not a route I want to go down.

Thanks again for your advice.


I’ve also had a look at piworld and pleasantly surprised to see a fairly extensive selection of videos / podcasts and that it is free for private investors. I’ve identified a number of videos of inierest which I will have a look. I’ve also registered on the site in order to receive e mails when new material is uploaded.

Although a little off topic I did stumble across a video on Bitcoin https://www.piworld.co.uk/2021/02/11/piworld-interview-charlie-morris-all-about-bitcoin/ which although very interesting and well presented still left me in the cynical camp.

Would be interesting to hear where members stand on the Bitcoin debate.


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Investor’s Champion is a paid service I am not a part of, however, they used to post podcasts that you could view for free. This has stopped due to the pandemic, but it was great to see on that website interviews with management teams of companies like Quartix, S&U, fusion antibodies, and various other companies.

I used to read master investor uk magazine, now they have posts on their website about various companies and funds.