After the recent share price falls perhaps it would be a good opportunity to look at watchlists, if there is cash on the sidelines, for when you feel it would be correct to be deployed?

The companies on my w/l are listed below (click to expand view), and ordered by price drop since 1/1/22, with DPLM being my current favourite. (Unfortunately I have no spare funds to invest and too many individual shares, so I will have to wait for the sale of an existing position).

Failing DPLM, SAG, TUNE or SOM (within a pension due to with-holding tax and USD denomination of dividends). I already have enough financials.

If you have a watchlist, it would be good to see it?! Maybe I am missing some good opportunities?



Hi anon

Interesting topic. Watch lists definitely aid investors in my view. Construct a shortlist of favoured companies and ‘buy’ prices, and you can act quickly if the market drops.

Mind you, these days I do tend to concentrate more on the shares I already own for buying opportunities. That’s because I understand the companies I own in more depth and I am more likely to actually buy them in a downturn. They may not be the very best opportunities in a wide sell-off, but my added knowledge could/should make the purchases more reliable (in theory!).

With companies I have not followed as closely, I may never be truly sure in a really difficult market i.e. I could wonder ‘what have I missed?’ and dither and not buy or miss the opportunity. So I think if anyone has a load of shares already, probably looking in their own portfolio first for buying opportunities in familiar companies might work just as well.

If anyone does have any great watchlist/portfolio ideas that are close to the buy zone, then feel free to share!


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You are right. It is a big mistake to think the grass is greener outside of the current portfolio. Fear of missing out is definitely not a good rationale for making buy and sell decisions.

The older I get, the more I understand Buffett’s punchchard analagy.

I only tend to sell now if something goes permanently wrong with a current holding. This in turn limits my funds available for purchases. I do have to do the work now on the watchlist, to be prepared for the inevitable ‘something to go wrong’ in an existing holding. It’s quite an interesting thing to research, in any case.


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