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Welcome to the forum! Do reply and say hello :grinning:

This is great @MaynardPaton - so nice to see a decent discussion forum, and not adfvn. I look forward to joining you in shares discussions. Found this after reading your BOTB blog

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Hi riccie

Thanks for the message and welcome to the forum! Aim is to maintain a high level of investment discussion without being cluttered by abuse or chit-chat. I look forward to your contributions :slight_smile:


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thanks @ Maynard. This looks like a fantastic forum. To introduce myself, I have been investing since 2008, when I started work at one of the major London Banks as we went in to the 2008 FC. Then I saw lots of people running round not knowing what was happening to their pensions, and their banks shareprice (dropped to about 40p at one time I recall). It was at that time a few people I worked around started to go online and buy shares. I knew nothing about shares at that time. I bought some EZJ via a selftrade account I set up: £300 worth and was really fearful as I did not know what would happen… I made a teeny profit.
I had until then always been very conservative with my savings. more minded to squirrel away than to speculate. My outlook is very different now, whence I try to make my money work harder, seeing how derisory savings interest is, and the gains that can be made on the market.

I have been investing ever since. 12 years later I like to think I am a rounded investor. like you I subscribe to SharePad/SS and have done for probably 10 years.
I try and learn as much as I can and have a working knowledge of many concepts used to value and assess shares. I also read Stockopedia’s SCVR daily. I find this is very useful.

My biggest mistake the last year was in selling BOTB a year ago, around £4 and taking a 20/30% gain. -I feared the lockdown would cause its members to hoard cash and not spend on discretional things like Spot The Ball. How wrong I was… we live and learn. I have since bought back a week or so ago c£24!

I do find there is little middle ground for investors: some forums and groups seem to be full of punters - perhaps newly drawn to the market of late, and other groups very cliquey and hard to integrate from the outside.

I will try to put together one or two ideas of current holdings to share.


Delighted to be here… and perfectly happy to divide my time between here and Barcplus, to start with anyway.

If nothing else, scope for cross-fertilisation of ideas between different platforms?

And I do like the format here - reassuringly familiar!


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Welcome aboard Bill – That makes two defectors from ii so far. Perhaps we can get soi and a few of the others on board, now ii is shutting down on the 7th April.


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Hi Bill,

Welcome to the forum and I look forward to your contributions :slight_smile: Hopefully some cross-fertilisation with Barcplus can occur. Aim here is to maintain a high level of investment discussion without being cluttered by abuse or chit-chat. Glad you already know your way around the Discourse set-up, too!



hi all

Only recently discovered this forum although I have followed Maynard’s blog for a while and found that most enlightening.

I’m a relative novice to others on here. I worked in retail banking for over 30 years but never had the time or inclination to get involved much in investing (too busy with work and sport).

By the time I left employment (got an opportunity to leave at age 50 with pension) I did have 10 or so lines of investments. However 60% was held in one line, being an accumulation of annual share options / bonuses taken in shares. Then came the financial crash and that 60% was obliterated. Harsh lesson learnt and so a more serious investing journey began.

I don’t suppose I’m doing too bad as I’ve fully recovered my Covid losses and Q1 2021 was in line with Maynard’s return, just ahead of FTSE 100.

Looking forward to hearing others opinions and recommendations on this forum and will happilly chip in when I can.

Best of luck to all.

Snazzy (Peter)

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