Forum Tips and Tricks

A few tips and tricks to get the most out of the forum:

Further tips and tricks are available on the official Discourse blog.

To quote text from another message

Highlight the relevant text and then click the Quote button:

The text should appear in both the message and preview boxes.

To highlight text

Use the following codes to highlight certain text:

<kbd>Button</kbd> gives Button

<ins>Green underline</ins> gives Green underline

<del>Red strikethrough</del> gives Red strikethrough

<mark>Highlight</mark> gives Highlight

<strike>Strikethrough</strike> gives Strikethrough

To import images and PDFs:

Simply drag the image and/or PDF into the message box:

The image and/or PDF will be shown the preview box.

Image sizes can be adjusted by hovering over the image and selecting a different percentage.

Alternatively, images and/or PDFs can be imported through the upload button:

Note: Images and PDFs must not be greater than 4MB.

To import spreadsheet tables:

Within the spreadsheet, copy the appropriate cells to your clipboard:

copy table

Then click within the message box and paste the table. The table should appear in the preview box:

Note: the top line of the table defaults to a header with bold text.

To reply to posts by email:

:warning: Important: this facility will PUBLISH your email if you are replying to a public forum post message :warning:

Certain forum email messages allow you to reply by email:

reply to this email

Hit reply and type your message. The reply email address should be similar in format to the one shown below:

(Note: replies by email cater for text only)

Once sent, your emailed reply will be published automatically on the forum:

To send a direct message (DM):

:warning: Note: This feature is available to regular forum visitors only. Contribute to the forum, and then the ability to DM will eventually become available.

Click on the avatar of the recipient:

Then click on Message:

Type in your subject line and message as you would a normal forum post:

Then click Message to send.

The message will be sent via email to the recipient and will also be made available in the recipient’s forum inbox:

forum direct message5

Notifications of any DMs you receive will be shown within a green circle:

forum direct message4b

[more tips and tricks to follow]

Any questions? Just reply to this post!