Forum suspension

Sad news Iā€™m afraid. I have decided to suspend the forum for the foreseeable future :frowning:

The forum has unfortunately not really worked out as I originally expected.

I had hoped the forum could attract enough like-minded investors that wanted an alternative to the existing unmoderated platforms that consist mostly of lower-quality chat.

More than 200 people have created accounts for this forum, but only a handful have ever made significant contributions and I am not convinced the lurker-to-contributor ratio will improve anytime soon.

I have tried to seed discussions about various shares and investing themes over the last year or so. But as much as I like to discuss wider investing issues and companies that interest others, I might as well concentrate on my blog given the vast majority of forum members do not wish to contribute.

Many thanks to those of you that have contributed ā€“ the posts were very much appreciated! The forum will remain available to read, but the ability to post new messages has now been suspended.


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