Best long-term funds for passive FIRE investors?

I have agreed to give an investing presentation to a group of FIRE enthusiasts. Now wanting to crowdsource some good fund ideas to help the attendees build their pots.

Ideas can be investment trusts, OIECs or ETFs. Trackers or managed.

Target audience I reckon is ‘hands off’, so will not be:

  • monitoring markets very closely, nor;

  • wanting to chop and change funds all the time.

Holding timescale five years minimum, ideally a lot longer.

I selected four ideas at the start of the year:

An alternative may be just an MSCI World tracker… and advise the FIRE enthusiasts to concentrate more on earning/saving than fretting about different investment options. Lot to be said for simplicity!

Any other fund suggestions? Just list your ideas below.



Vanguard index funds or factor funds, just due to low fees and diversification.

You will tell them of the 4% rule for withdrawals?



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As a wildcard, how about Sparkchange Physical Carbon ETF? If governments really are going to pursue net zero, then the value of CO2 allowances ought to become more valuable

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This guy is quite entertaining, and may be worth a mention

In order of scariness:

Not very scary
Monks (MNKS)
Blue Whale Growth Fund

Might occasionally be a bit scary
Smithson (SSON)

Will definitely be scary at some point (but if you can keep your eyes closed…)
Allianz Technology Trust (ATT)
Scottish Mortgage (SMT)

For a couple of thematic options, I like:

Ninety One Global Environment Fund
Invests at least two thirds in companies that contribute to decarbonisation.

L&G Battery Value Chain ETF (BATG)
Essentially a play on the transition to electric vehicles. Invests in companies at different points in the battery supply chain - has several motor manufacturers in the top ten. Also invests in miners that produce metals used to manufacture batteries.

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Hi Maynard,

Bit late to the party here. You already have Fundsmith, which its hard to argue against, though Terry Smith will not go on forever. The record of 18% a year does make me wonder why I don’t just hand him my entire portfolio!

Two others that I hold and seem to move serenely upwards are:

Blue Whale; whilst its only been going 5 years, it has delivered 110% growth in that time and survived the 2020 covid dip surprisingly well, no succession issue there Steven Yiu is a young chap!

Slater Growth, Mark Slater following in the footsteps of his father Jim and doing a good job in delivering GARP.

Both of there are sleep-at-night holdings in my portfolio (with Fundsmith) and have done the job well for me.


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