Annual Company Reports

I am finding reading digital downloads of company annual reports from their website quite a cumbersome and time consuming task. Particularly when the downloaded copy has adjacent pages which means I am continually scrolling down, up then down again.

I am wondering whether it would be better to obtain a paper copy from the company, assuming that would be easily forthcoming. I think I would find reading and locating sections much easier that way.

How do others approach this? Any advice and suggestions most welcome.


Hi Snazzy,

I can sympathize. I have emailed many investor relations department for physical copies of the annual report with mixed success. I would say out of 10 companies I would email, 5 would send me the report by mail, 2 would request documentation that I was a shareholder, 3 would refuse citing ESG and environmental concerns. I guess one could also view how accomdative IR is in this situation as a reflection of the company’s attitude to IR, whether you view it as a negative (company doesn’t want to assit shareholders), or a positive (company doesn’t want waste time or cost on admin tasks).



Try using and change the default format to side by side.

Alternatively install Download Sumatra PDF - a free reader and again use the ‘Facing’ or ‘Book View’